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"Creativity to me is just's like a bird, like a friendly bird that embraces all ideas...and just shoots...out of its eyes all kinds of beauty..." - Liz Lemon

second(s) MacGruber


the treat yoself 2011 episode of parks and recreation has honestly changed my life for the better

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"You’re dancing against the truck right now, you gotta dance with it, girl."

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We are thrilled to tell you that we will soon be starring in a brand new comedy we’re cooking up called Playing House on the USA Network, premiering April 29th at 10. Are you ready for this?


listening to a sad song that has a nice beat


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my “media history” teacher was like; why do we teach history based on wars and revolutions? it’s basically all about what men have done because of their egos. it’s ridiculous. it’s never about women. i mean, i guess there’s cleopatra.. and! in one other part we were also included; the cavemen were hunting and the ‘cavewomen’ were picking berry bushes. i think that is where it stopped with including women in school’s history books *shrug*..
and i was just thinking and screaming in my head: YAASSSSS!!!!!

'The Maya Rudolph Show' Is Coming To NBC w/ Craig Robinson, Janelle Monae, Raphael Saadiq Featuring | Shadow and Act 



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I am a lone wolf, and a vicious one. Don’t make me rip your throat out.Orange is the New Black (Season 2)

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i like that we say “oh, man” to express disappointment

because men are disappointing

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