You Can Get It

My name is Lieke
a.k.a. It Happened Once In A Dream
You're welcome

"Creativity to me is just's like a bird, like a friendly bird that embraces all ideas...and just shoots...out of its eyes all kinds of beauty..." - Liz Lemon

second(s) MacGruber

Happy Galentine’s Day, ladies:

Alexa - Alyssa - Amy - Amy - Andreea - Bia - Britt - Caity - Cassie - Courtney - Danielle - Elle - Emily - Erin - Franny - Gloria - Ilona - Jordanna - Kasie - Kelley - Kristin - Lara - Lauren - Lisa - Liz - Manissa - Maria - Mayra - Meghan - Meredith - Nancy - Nati - Nicole - Nicole - Olivia - Sandra - Steph - Rachel - Rachel - Valerie

These are the ladies that I lurve the most but I seriously had to cut myself short.. SO. If you’re on here; happy Galentine’s boo.
Even if you’re a dude, I don’t care! Take all of my love!

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