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"Creativity to me is just's like a bird, like a friendly bird that embraces all ideas...and just shoots...out of its eyes all kinds of beauty..." - Liz Lemon

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"Robin Williams just showed up at the [UCB] theater one night. I think he had heard that we do comedy, and he stopped by and asked if he could sit in, and of course, we were like, “Yes.” He’s an improviser, and he didn’t know the “ASSSSCAT” rules, but it didn’t matter.
I remember afterwards, saying, “That’s a lesson in fear: He literally didn’t know the format, and he’s used to doing it all by himself.” I feel a lot of times I judge stuff before it even comes out of my mouth, and he has no filter.
But I also remember calling my mom and saying, “You’ll never believe this, but Robin Williams gave me a lap dance tonight.” He was playing a stripper, and I was playing a dude who came with my friends to a strip club, and he came and he rubbed his belly on my face and straddled me. It was amazing." — Lennon Parham (via thank-you-mrs-loopner)

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“I had said to Lennon, ‘This is so weird, but what if we raised a baby together?’” St. Clair remembers. “Because we are like a husband and wife. Pretty much. We see each other more than our own actual husbands. So we wrote the pilot having Lennon be eight-and-a-half months pregnant, and she got pregnant at exactly the right time so that she was eight-and-a-half months pregnant when we shot. We wrote the baby! We wrote it into existence!”

“I was also having sex with my husband,” Parham says in an aside.

St. Clair is undeterred. “I take credit for this baby.” [x]

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We are thrilled to tell you that we will soon be starring in a brand new comedy we’re cooking up called Playing House on the USA Network, premiering April 29th at 10. Are you ready for this?

@lennonparham: Who wouldn’t want to watch these two mugs every week? #playinghouseUSA #dontanswerthat @Jessica_StClair

You gotta put some work in if you wanna keep a man

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Getting real at the photo shoot. @jessica_stclair #biggulp #PlayingHouseUSA


Getting real at the photo shoot. @jessica_stclair #biggulp #PlayingHouseUSA


Day one. #pilotshoot #doingit


Day one. #pilotshoot #doingit

USA Orders Jessica St. Clair/Lennon Parham Comedy Presentation 



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Craig: Well, we’re out of time. What do you fancy? Mouth organ, awkward pause or go for the big cash price?
Lennon: Can we do an awkward pause?
Craig: Would you like to add a subtext to the awkward pause?
Lennon: Sure
Craig: How about sexual attraction? 
Lennon: Alright

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